33-400 White Ribbed Caps with Pressure Sensitive (PS22) Liner

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These 33mm (33-400 neck finish), White, Ribbed, Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Caps with Pressure Sensitive (PS22) Liners, are designed for impact strength and feature ribbed sides to make them easy to open with slippery fingers. The Pressure Seal Foam Liner (PS-22), is a foam liner that has an adhesive side designed to stick onto the opening ridge of the bottle. A seal is accomplished once the cap has been screwed down tight. No specialized equipment needed. Once the cap is unscrewed from the bottle, the film seal remains attached to the opening. Thereby offering both protection and security for your product inside. The liner is designed for dry products like powders, aggregates and pills. This product is recyclable.

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Cap Type Ribbed
Cap/Lid Color White
Cap/Lid Liner PS-22
Cap/Lid Material PP
Cap/Lid Neck 33-400
Case Dimensions 23" x 16" x 11"
Case Pack 3,800
Country of Manufacture US
Diameter 1.36"
Material Type (Paragraph) PP

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