45-400 White, Ribbed Plastic Caps w/ .020" Foam, FS 5-8 Heat Induction (HIS) Liner

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These 45-400 White, Ribbed, Polypropylene (PP) Plastic Caps with .020" Foam, FS 5-8 Heat Induction (HIS) Liners, are ideal sealing for preservation and freshness of your product. The HIS Liners are for when you need to have a tamper evident seal to your bottle. The installation of this liner requires a special piece of equipment, which allows the foil liner to be tightly sealed to the top of the container. You will see this often used in the food pharmaceutical industries. This product is recyclable.

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To activate the HIS (Heat Induction Seal) Liner, you must use a heat induction sealer machine.


Cap Type Ribbed
Cap/Lid Color White
Cap/Lid Liner FS 5-8
Cap/Lid Material PP
Cap/Lid Neck 45-400
Case Dimensions 24" x 16" x 15"
Case Pack 2,750
Country of Manufacture US
Diameter 1.84"
Material Type (Paragraph) PP

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