Custom Molds

Plastic Manufacturer

Manufacturing is what sets Aaron Packaging apart from our competitors. It allows us to keep our prices competitive and gives us the flexibility to be able to do smaller production runs than those of larger manufacturers.

Manufacturing allows us to control our inventory better. It is easier for us to schedule a production run and allows us to be sensitive to our customers packaging needs. If we do ever run out of a bottle we manufacture or are short for a particular order you can be sure that we do all we can to keep our lead times low and can often manipulate our production runs to meet your deadlines.


Plastic Resin Colors

Plastic Resin Colors

The ability to manufacture plastic bottles in a variety of colors is also a benefit of being a plastic bottle manufacturer. Whether you need to match a color you may already be using in your packaging or you want to use a color to set your packaging apart from your competition, we have the ability to manufacture in whatever color you may chose.

Custom Bottles and Mold Designs

Custom Molds

As a manufacturer we are able to work with you to create custom packaging solutions. We can help you develop a mold to create a custom plastic bottle or jar. From small spice bottles to larger gallon containers we can develop a bottle that is unique for your product. This can help your product get the edge over your competition. A unique bottle design can catch your customer's attention.

BPA Free

BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that is used in the manufacturing of some plastics. The two main plastics it is used in are polycarbonate plastics and epoxy resins. Some food grade containers are made from polycarbonate plastics and some metal food cans are lined with epoxy resins. There is some concern that BPA can leach into the food or beverages.

This concerns some people in the health industry and although there is no evidence that it has caused harm to humans many health experts say that it is something that infants and young children should avoid. Due to consumer concern BPA is used less and less in the manufacturing of plastics.

All of the plastic bottles that Aaron Packaging manufacturers are BPA free, and almost everything we stock is BPA free as well.

Post Consumer Resin (PCR)

Our goal is to provide the best possible products to our customers. One way we are doing this is by offering more sustainable packaging solutions. In a recent study 75% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy a product or service if the company is making an effort to be sustainable. With increased global recycling efforts and increased innovation, using post-consumer resin (PCR) has reached a point to where it has become viable in manufacturing.
We use HDPE post-consumer resin in our manufacturing process to produce bottles for our customers.