28mm (28-400) White Child Resistant Caps w/ PS-22 Liner

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28-400 neck finish, 28mm diameter, 400 thread finish, Polypropylene (PP) - Our white child-resistant safety caps (CRC) with Pressure Sensitive (PS-22) liners are great for protecting children from potentially harmful or hazardous materials and creating a tamper evident seal to your bottle. The Pressure Seal Liner is a foam liner that has an adhesive side designed to stick on the opening of the container. A “seal” is accomplished with the normal closing of the container, without any special type of equipment. It adheres to either glass or plastic bottles when applied and sticks to the bottle when the cap is removed. This liner is designed for powder or dry products.


Cap Type Child Resistant
Cap/Lid Color White
Cap/Lid Liner PS-22
Cap/Lid Material PP
Cap/Lid Neck 28-400
Case Dimensions 24" x 16" x 11"
Case Pack 2,500
Diameter 1.36"

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