Freeze Grade Plastics

Everone wants to keep their food products safe, secure, and fresh. If your product needs to be frozen we have freezer safe containers for you. Freeze Grade Plastic is the most versatile, and most reliable material available for that purpose. Most freeze grade plastics are intended for one time use only.

Why Freezer Grade Plastic? - When packaging your frozen food product, we advise that you leave enough space to allow for the expansion of the product within the plastic container as it freezes. Water expands as it freezes. Creating incredibly strong pressures. Therefore, rigid material like glass and metal are NOT ideal choices for freezing. Those materials can split, crack and sometimes even shatter when subjected to freezing. However, freeze grade plastics are specially designed to retain some flexibility while still retaining structural rigidity in freezing environments. Freeze Grade Plastic is moisture vapor resistant and has low odor absorption. Also, plastic containers are typically easy to handle and stack.
Finally, using Freezer Grade Plastic Containers and Lids provide two very important marketing advantages. 1)Product visibility through the contact-clear, natural plastic itself. And 2) Offering large areas for screen-printed, or adhesive labels. Both on the body of the container and on the lid. Improving the appeal and competitive marketability of your product.

Types of Freezer Grade Plastics - Our Freezer Grade Products are made from one of the three plastics listed below. Each of these plastic types have proven records for withstanding the harsh environment of freezing temperatures. 

Polypropylene (PP) - Is rigid, yet with some flexibility. Known for its toughness and durability. It’s highly impact and crack resistant. Food safe. Temperature tolerance from - 0° F to 240° F.

High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - Is a rigid, structurally strong plastic. Does not become brittle in freezing temperatures. Is highly impact and crack resistant. Often used for juice and dairy jugs, and tubs. Food safe. Temperature tolerance from -100° F to 190° F

Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LDPE) - Is flexible, and highly impact and crack resistant plastic. Does not become brittle in freezing temperatures. Often used for lids, and soft-bodied, “squeezable” containers. Food safe. Temperature tolerance from -100° F to 175° F.

Versatile and Reliable - Here at Aaron Packaging, we maintain stock of a variety of Freeze Grade Plastic Containers and Lids. In different shapes and sizes. Starting at little 2 oz. tubs, up to large, 3.5 gallon ice cream pails.

Have more questions? - If you would like more information. Or you wish to place freight, or large orders. Please contact our  customer service team

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