How To Measure Pump and Sprayer Dip Tubes

There are several Pump and Sprayer styles available to fit your container. Such as finger-press pumps, lockable pumps, fine mist sprayers, trigger sprayers and even high-volume, industrial spigots.


Measuring Your Container - It’s important that the dip tube on the pump or sprayer is cut to the correct length to fit the plastic or glass container you have chosen. Too long and you may kink the tube or block the opening. Inhibiting the dip tube’s ability to draw in your product. Too short and the tube won’t be able to reach all of the available product in the container. Here is how to accurately measure your container to determine the LENGTH of the dip tube that you will need.

Measure from the top surface of the containers neck, down to the bottom of the container. This is called OVERALL BOTTLE HIEGHT. Now take into account the WALL THICKNESS of the container you are using. Subtract that dimension as well as an additional 1/32” (.03 in) from the total length. This is the dip tube length that you need for your container.

Overall bottle height


How to Measure Dip Tube Length - If you already have a pump or sprayer with dip tube on hand that you like. And wish to order more at the same length. You will need to measure the dip tube length to ensure that the product dispenses smoothly. To do this, you measure from the gasket on the UNDERSIDE of the cap, down to the tip of the dip tube.

 Dip Tube Length Measurement


Why Are Some Dip Tubes Straight and Some Curved at The Bottom of The Bottle? - Straight Dip Tubes - extend down directly to the bottom center of the bottle. Most manufactures will “Notch” the end of the dip tube at an angle, or with a concave curve, to allow for maximum ability to retrieve product from the bottom of the container. Sometimes the “push up” curve at the bottom of the container can inhibit the dip tube from retrieving the last 1/8” or so of product.

Curved Dip Tubes - are cut a little bit longer than the measured container length. Once the Pump or Trigger Spray Cap is screwed down onto the neck. The Dip Tube is forced to curve to the lower corner of the bottle. This ensures the maximum product retrieval possible. We have noted that the Fine Mist Sprayers tend to work more smoothly this way.


Can I Order Pump and Sprayer Caps with Custom-Cut Dip Tubes? - Yes you can! Just give our sales team a call. And they will help you with what you need.

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