Typical Bottle Shapes and Styles

Welcome to Aaron Packaging, Inc., where we offer a variety of bottle and container shapes and styles. Each shape is designed to serve a specific purpose. The following is a brief description of some of the most commonly available shapes and styles. But don’t forget. We manufacture many of the bottles we offer. And we can create a design to fit almost ANY need. So, if you need a specially designed, custom bottle. Give our sales team a call. We can help you get it done.


 Beehive (Skep)

Beehive (Skep) - This bottle is typically a round bottle, but with raised ribs going down the body of the bottle to look similar to a beehive. Specifically intended for honey products. Similar in some ways to our custom beehive. Skep bottles have a much larger label area. The bottles are typically, straight-sided, with rounded bases, and have a stepped, or “ribbed” shoulder that rounds to the neck to facilitate a better grip. Commonly used for honey, and marinade products.


 Honey Bear

Bear (Honey Bear) - Designed for storing and dispensing honey products. The bear bottle is a good example of a custom-created bottle design becoming popular. We have two styles, our regular bear and a label panel bear. Available in various capacity sizes from 8oz up to 32 oz.


 Beverage (Dairy and Juice)

Beverage (Dairy and Juice) - Usually square based bottles with straight sides, and a smooth, curved shoulder. Some designs have molded-in hand grip areas on the wall of the bottle. Most of these bottles are designed with a ring around the neck that when using the appropriate cap makes them tamper evident. Commonly used for beverages such as dairy, juices, smoothies and sodas.


boston round bottle shape
Boston Round - These bottles are squatty and have straight sides with rounded, smooth shoulders. Usually featuring a smaller neck opening. Commonly used for personal care, hair care, pet care products.

bullet bottle shape
Bullet (Cosmo Round) - Also known as “Cosmo Round”. They are tall, narrow bottles with rounded shoulders. Due to their elegant look and natural feel in the hand. This style is popular with hair care and personal care products. They are also used for pet care, cleaning, and automotive products.

canister bottle shape
Canister - Typically wide-mouth, straight sided containers. Designed for the most effective access to the product stored within. They typically have a wide enough opening to allow the product to be scooped out. They have a large label area. Commonly used for powders.


carafe bottle shape 
Carafe - Usually has a long, ribbed neck to facilitate a better grip. Tall, with a round base. Often paired with trigger sprayer. Commonly used for hair-care, pet care, cleaning, gardening, and automotive products.


cylinder bottle shape
Cylinder - Noted for being tall and narrow with straight sides. Cylinder bottles have near horizontal shoulders. Such a clean and simple design and large label area make these bottles idea for shelving to display the product. Most often used to package liquids. These bottles are commonly used for hair care, personal care, pet care, cleaning, gardening, automotive and various chemical products.


Pinch-Grip Bottles

Pinch Grip - Almost always square bodied. Featuring a handle molded into one side of the bottle. Designed for ease in carrying and to facilitate pouring. Rectangular shape makes for efficient storage, shipping and shelving. Commonly used for food and snack products.


Industrial Jug

Industrial Jug - These are round bottles with a molded in handle. These bottles are typically made of HDPE material. These bottles are ideal for holding large amounts of liquid products. They feature a large label area. Commonly used for cleaning, gardening, and automotive products.


Fluted Bottle

Fluted - This bottle has a narrow neck that then flares out at the body. The design of the bottle makes it easy to hold at the neck for easy pouring. You Commonly used for sauces, dressings, and syrups.


 modern round bottle

Modern Round - Similar to the Boston Round. Only, with a molded-in, in-set, label area. This creates the “modern round look” with the ridges on the top and bottom. The shoulder features a slopped design. Often used for pharmaceuticals, solvents and acid products.


Oval (Oblong)
Oval (Oblong) - Sometimes referred to as "Oblong". Oval bottles usually have straight vertical sides, a narrow depth, and a wide, oval-shaped base. Sometimes called “Oblongs”, these bottles are ideal for squeezing out liquid products. These bottles are commonly used for lotions, hand sanitizer and personal care products.


packer bottle shape
Packer - Commonly used in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. These bottles are round and straight-sided with a rounded shoulder. They are typically a squat bottle with a wider opening. Designed primarily for the storage and dispensing of pills. Often paired with child resistant caps (CRC) for added security and safety.


spice bottle shape
Spice - Popular in the food industry. Spice jars feature large, wide mouth openings. They usually have straight sides with a prominent ridge on the top and bottom. With a clearly defined label area. Usually paired with special, dispenser caps to facilitate easy dispensing of the product. Most often used for dry, aggregate food products like spices, herbs, and confectionery sprinkles. But also serve well as glitter dispensers.


trigger sprayer 

Trigger Sprayer - These unique bottles feature a large, rectangular base body, with an ample label area, that forms upward into a narrower, easy to hold, neck. Often sporting finger grips molded into the design. Trigger Sprayer bottles are typically paired with a trigger sprayer designed for the most efficient dispensing of liquids. These bottles are commonly used for hair care, personal care, pet care, cleaning, gardening, art & craft, and automotive products.

If you have any more questions, you are welcome to give our sales team a call.