9 oz. Clear Flint Glass Wide-Mouth Jar (70-2030 Lug Neck)

SKU: cGL009-C-L

Price: Case of 12

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Our 9 oz., Clear, Flint Glass, Wide-Mouth Jars (70-2030 Lug Neck finish), are perfect for displaying your product. Use these jars for culinary products like candy, jams and jellies, veggie-dips, sauces, and salsas. These jars are also ideal for storing and displaying craft items like glitter, color pigment, jewelry, and waxes. The glass is crystal clear, and strong. There is nothing like these gorgeous, shiny glass jars for showing off your product. This product is recyclable.

SOLD BY THE CASE OR PALLET ONLY. For LARGE VOLUME and PALLET discounts on price and shipping, please contact our sales team.

Lids are sold separately. Select a lid style from the add-on list to bundle with this jar.


Case Dimensions 12" x 9" x 4"
Case Pack 12
Jar Capacity 9 oz.
Jar Color Clear
Jar Dimensions 2.8" D x 3.4" H
Jar Material Glass
Jar Neck Diameter 2.6"
Jar Neck Finish (70-2030 Lug)

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