120-400 White, Deep Skirt, Wide-Ribbed Caps w/ HIS Liner

SKU: sCL120-400W-FL-DSS

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Our 120mm (120-400 Neck Finish) White, Deep Skirt, Wide-Ribbed Caps (closures), with Heat Induction Seal (HIS) Foil Liners, are ideal for large quantities of product. The simple ribs along the side of the lid make it easier to open as well as add a sense of design to the overall look. The extra large size of the lid (120mm) make it easy to dispense a variety of quality products. This product is recyclable.

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To activate the HIS (Heat Induction Seal) Liner, you must use a Heat Induction Healer (HIS) Sealing Machine.


Cap Color White
Cap Dimensions 4.95" D x 0.96" H
Cap Liner HIS
Cap Material PET
Cap Type Ribbed
Case Dimensions 25" x 19" x 19"
Case Pack 198
Country of Manufacture US
Neck Finish 120-400

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