140 x 35 + 5 (mm) Clear Preformed Round Shrink Bands (Fits Cap Sizes 82mm - 83mm)

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Price: Sleeve of 250
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Our 140 x 35 + 5 (mm) Non Perforated, Clear, Preformed Round Shrink Bands, assure consumers that they are buying safe, tamper proof, or tamper evident products. They are preformed to fit your products and can be used to provide a secure seal for many shapes of containers and tubs. The measurements of the shrinkable PVC plastic heat seals are taken when the bands are flat prior to application. Also known as: preforms, custom bands, tamper evident bands, tamper-evident seals, safety seals, cap bands, cap seals, clear bands, and seamless bands. 

Size: 140mm x 35mm + 5mm
Measurements are: (Width x Height + Top Rim)

Fits Cap Sizes: 82mm - 83mm


Case Dimensions (3.375" x 3.375" x 9.875" for sleeve of 250) (15" x 15" x 12" for case of 4,000)
Case Pack 4,000
Color Clear
Country of Manufacture US
Diameter 85.73mm (3.375")
Fits 82mm - 83mm
length 140mm (5.51") cut and lain flat
Perforation Non Perforated
Type Preformed

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