16 oz. Natural HDPE Plastic F-Style Bottle (33-400)

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Our 16 oz. Natural, HDPE Plastic, F-Style Bottles (33/400), are ideal for environmental applications. The molded panel allows for easy label application. These HDPE bottles provide an excellent moisture barrier and are impact resistant. The design of the F-Style bottle allows for high-speed filling, demanding pharmaceutical specifications and the rough handling of interstate shipping. The rectangular shape of the bottle makes it perfect for space saving display and storage solutions. This product is recyclable. 

For LARGE VOLUME and PALLET discounts on price and shipping, please contact our sales team.

Caps are sold separately. Select a cap style from the add-on list to bundle with this bottle. 

Due to the difference in cap diameters, use the 68mm shrinkwrap listed below for the CRC cap. And use the 57mm shrink wrap listed below for the the other caps.


Bottle Dimensions 4.20" L x 1.85" W x 5.95" H
Bottle Capacity 16 oz.
Bottle Color Natural
Bottle Material High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
Bottle Neck Diameter 1.138"
Bottle Neck Finish (33-400)
Case Dimensions 23" x 20" x 24"
Case Pack 177
Country of Manufacture US

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