63-485 Black, Dual Flapper Spice Cap with 7 Hole (.200)/Pour (Pressure Sensitive Liner)

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Our 63mm (63-485 neck finish) Black, Dual Flapper Spice Caps, with 7 Hole (.200)/Pour (Pressure Sensitive Liner)are great for spices, powders and confectionery ingredients. As well as for craft supplies like glitter, colored sand and paint pigment. The pressure sensitive seal adheres to the rim of the bottle when you first tighten the lid down... Making an air-tight seal that securely holds and protects your product. For added safety and protection, we recommend that you use the shrink wrap band as well. Whats special about THIS dual flapper dispenser lid are the small designs of a spoon and the sifter cap engraved in releif on the flaps themselves. This product is recyclable.

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Cap Type Dual Flapper
Cap/Lid Color Black
Cap/Lid Liner PS-22
Cap/Lid Material PP
Cap/Lid Neck 63-485
Case Dimensions 24" x 20" x 11"
Case Pack 600
Diameter 2.58"
Liner Type (Paragraph) Liners-PS-22
Material Type (Paragraph) PP

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