63mm (63-485) Blue Polypropylene Plastic Spice Caps (Unlined)

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Our 63mm (63-485 neck finish) Blue, Polypropylene (PP) Plastic, Spice Caps (Unlined), are ideal for seasonings, spices, herbs and confectionary products, as well as craft items like colored sand, glitter and pigment powders. Select a sifter fitment in addition to this cap to allow for more control in dispensing product. This product is recyclable.

For LARGE VOLUME and PALLET discounts on price and shipping, please contact our sales team.

The sifter fitments will ONLY work with the simple caps. They are not compatible with our flip-top dispenser caps.


Cap Color Blue
Cap Dimensions 2.60" D x .91" H
Cap Liner Unlined
Cap Material Polypropylene (PP)
Cap Neck Finish (63-485)
Cap Type Smooth
Case Dimensions 24" x 20" x 12"
Case Pack 800
Country of Manufacture US

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