1 Pint (16 oz.) F-Style Metal Cans, 1 1/4" Opening

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Our 1 Pint (16 oz.) F-Style metal can, also know as a square or oblong can, with a 1 1/4" opening, has a rectangular body and base... making it space efficient for shipping and shelving. Great for thinners, motor oils, adhesives, lighter fluids, solvents, insecticides, turpentine. This product is recyclable.

For LARGE VOLUME and PALLET discounts on price and shipping, please contact our sales team.

Caps sold separately. Select a cap style below to bundle with this can, or purchase caps separately on the left. Please note, the neck placement style on these cans will vary between centered and off-centered, as shown in the photos to the left. If you prefer one or the other neck placement styles. Please call us before you order to make sure we have the style you want in-stock.

Metal Cans Disclaimer - Please be aware that due to the nature of the shipping process, some of the metal cans sometimes receive small dents while in transit. This is common and in no way effects the usability of the can. If you find the number of dented cans unacceptable, please feel free to contact us and we'll file a claim against the shipping company on your behalf.


Can Capacity 16 oz.
Can Color Silver
Can Dimensions 3.82" L x 1.73" W x 5.88" H
Can Liner Unlined
Can Material Metal
Can Neck Finish 1.25" (31.75mm)
Case Dimensions 20" x 17" x 33"
Case Pack 225

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